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    PEREGO “arrived on the planet” on the 24th day of October in 1967.
A triple Scorpio, the stars lending their unanimous opinion to a being determined, and forceful, emotional and intuitive, powerful and passionate, exciting and magnetic. Gifted with an artistic family legacy hailing from the small Province of Perego, in northern Italy, he immediately showed talent in art, theater and music and seemed destined for creativity at an early age.


Growing up in upstate New York, Pennsylvania, & all over New Jersey, young Perego wasn’t short on inspiration and “northern hustle”. His first paying job was drawing King Kong for a quarter in the school cafeteria when he was nine. After a brief stint in the Joe Kubert Art School, Perego dropped out and enrolled in “the school of life”, embarking on a career as a freelance commercial artist with a repertoire of pen & ink, signwriting, airbrush, portraiture and large scale murals.

    Arriving in Philadelphia in 1990, Perego saturated the hip and funky South Street area with his unique blend of urban expression style and inspirational energy. The now legendary Mako's Retired Surfers Bar & Grill, the Hare Krishna vegetarian restaurant Govinda's, Tijuana Yacht Club, Haagen Daas, jazz club Borgia Cafe, Jon's Cafe, & many more, all had art by Perego.


One of his local (New Jersey) clients, Rent-A-Vet, offered him a job marketing their business during spring break in Daytona Beach, where he met Miltos Exarhou, the mastermind & visionary of the now famous Coliseum Nightclub in Daytona Beach.The meeting began a friendship that led to Perego relocating to Daytona Beach in 1993.


He soon began applying his talents in interior design to public spaces, including night clubs, coffeehouses, restaurants, surfshops and radio stations, such as The Spot Sportsbar,  Bravo, Love Bar, the Groove, & the popular alternative station WKRO. The nationally-acclaimed, award-winning historic mural in the city of Deland, the “signature” piece at the entrance of the new Volusia County Courthouse, the waterpark Daytona Lagoon,and the largest Harley dealer in the world- Bruce Rossmeyer's Harley Davidson of Daytona, Fort Lauderdale, & Boca Raton also carry Perego's signature.

As a designer, artist and activist in central Florida, Perego was sought as Art Director for entertainment developer Catalyst Endeavors, and Scenic City of Deland, a group he led in the painting of the massive AT&T world globe in Times Square. Other projects included the 25th Anniversary signage for Walt Disney (Orlando), Barney's Coffee
(Celebration), and the 13,000 square foot trompe l'oeil outdoor mural adorning ABC Carpet and Home (Boca Raton).


As a Theatrical Designer for A.P.A. Studios, a New York based animation studio, and Art Director for Walt Disney World Entertainment, Perego's vision helped launch the 1998 Disney Cruise Line Inaugural Event at Cape Canaveral, the Animal Kingdom Press Event with Stevie Wonder and the Premier Party for Cirque du Soliel at Downtown Disney, Orlando. In television, his work can be seen on BET, the spanish channel Univision, as well as been featured on America's Got Talent and PBS.

All the while working freelance creating art for other people, Perego honed his techniques, mastered several, & developed several forms he considers "his art". Perego's performance-art-theater combines light, sound, and movement in a striking and provocative exploration of the material and spiritual world. His multi-media performances resurrect the lost psychadelic art of the 60s lightshows.  Incorporating action-painting and the spontaneous energy of collaborating with other artists, musicians, and dancers, Perego's performance art "blows peoples minds". Leaving guests, as Buzz magazine describes, "melted into satisfied puddles".
Inspired by classical, modern, pop and abstract art and equipped with an extraordinary ability to use diverse techniques and styles as if they were colours on his palette, Perego's Fine Art subjects range from mythical and prophetic, often surrealist in nature and his images demand close inspection to reveal it's esoteric messages.

Perego now works internationally for the leading Art and Entertainment industries and is loving every minute of it. His "home base" is Florida and has three wonderful and bright children, Marcella, Thoren, and Phoenix. It seems the creative family legacy lives on & his children have already broke Guiness World Records as well as Zagat world records.  

In January of 2024 he recently received “The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award” presented by Dr. Khalilah Camacho Ali for his outstanding commitment and dedication to positively impacting communities through art and creativity.

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